A Must Read for Bloggers and Those Who Read Them

Investigating the Biblioblogosphere from Cites & Insights 5, Number 10: September 2005, by Californian Walt Crawford.

What’s going on in the biblioblogosphere? I hate the term, but it’s convenient. Jon Garfunkel at Civilities (civilities.net) gave me the idea with his “Social Media Scorecard” and related posts—but this isn’t directly comparable to his evaluation of 25 “online political writers.” Instead, this is an informal study of a “top 50” library-people blogs, including some metrics.

AND if you fall into one of the following categories, please take the survey.

If you write a library-related blog (personal, professional, official, unofficial, part of a group, in any language) please take the Survey of the Biblioblogosphere.
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