Is your library’s website *up to snuff?

*up to snuff
A librarian in Ohio (Laura Solomon, Webmaster, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library) decided to see if the public libraries in Ohio were serving their communities well via their library’s website and did a usability survey based on user-friendliness expert Jakob Nielsen‘s criteria. Sinking Or Swimming: The State of Web Sites in Ohio’s Public Libraries (PDF) is the result. Read it for the tips for simple ways to increase your website’s usefulness to your community.
From the article:

Why Do a Study?
Surfing other Ohio library websites, I noticed that there seemed
to be huge discrepancies in how libraries handled the look and feel of
their respective websites. It was relatively easy to tell which libraries
viewed their websites as an important component of their overall
business and which had a site because they thought it was something
they were just supposed to have.
What is Usability?
Usability refers to those aspects of a site’s design that enable it
to be user-friendly.