A rose by any other name…

Infopeople introduced its first blog, Wazzup?, in August 2004 to replace the “New on the Site” section of the Infopeople website. Wazzup included information about new additions to the Infopeople website, but also presented general news from and about Infopeople, and offered library-related information that various Infopeople staff members (“Infopeeps”) found interesting.
In September 2005 we decided to do a bit of blog-cleaning, and primary among the tasks we undertook was to rename Wazzup. After a year it seemed a little, well, hokey, as a name and not representative of what we wanted the Infopeople blog to be. As of today, it is becoming Infoblog.
Its focus will remain what Wazzup has evolved into over the past year: a resource for keeping libraries up to date with new information and technologies that we think may impact them now or in the future. And of course, we will also continue to use the blog as another way to communicate Infopeople news, such as upcoming webcasts or special workshop offerings. We also plan on offering more podcasts in the coming months. We hope you like the new and improved Infoblog!