IMLS Leadership Grants Out!

There are great ideas and projects out there in libraryland and this annual listing of the Leadership Grantees from the IMLS is a must read for library directors and others who want to know some of the fascinating resources being developed in the library world.
California was awarded two grants — The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles will focus on the World War II-era experiences of Japanese Americans in five states and UC Riverside will continue its work with Infomine.
Some other examples:
From George Mason University Libraries a cool tool that “will turn a regular browser into SmartFox: the Scholar’s Browser for Digital Collections, which will allow users to capture and organize digital scholarly materials.”
Syracuse University to extend its work on teaching information literacy online, the S.O.S. project.
One to watch for results: Florida State University’s Information Institute, in partnership with the Omaha Public Library, Baltimore County Public Library, Mid-York Library System, and the American Library Association’s Office for Research, will investigate how “best practice” evaluation strategies can demonstrate the value of public libraries to the communities they serve. The project will develop a framework to improve public library evaluation and produce a Web-based Evaluation Decision Management System for public library managers and advocates. Managers and advocates will be able to select, analyze, and present data from various evaluation resources to demonstrate the value of library services to their communities.
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  1. hi there, one hope we have at librivox is that libraries might embrace the project, and say claim an entire book and then produce all the audio chapters from volunteers within their community… any takers?

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