To accept comments or not to accept comments, that is the question

spam.jpgSpam: it’s not just a lunch food anymore. It’s also not just an annoyance for emailers. it’s also a big problem with blogs. A choice many blogs make is to just not accept comments, period. Another way to deal with the problem is to require extra authentication, like that offered by TypeKey. With the old Infopeople blog we chose the first option and completely blocked ALL comments. Pretty extreme, but we never had to deal with comment spam. HOWEVER we had no idea what anybody thought about our postings. So with our new and improved blog we wanted to give comments a shot, especially as Movable Type has vastly improved how their software handles comment spam, and a little feedback and discussion is a nice thing, right?
So as I built InfoBlog, I suffered a small crisis of indecision. First I enabled comments on the blog, then I decided that it needed Typekey authentication. Basically TypeKey stops automated spammers. After doing this, I rethought the matter. If Movable Type has good built-in spam blocking, wasn’t Typekey kind of overkill? We really are interested in your comments, so why put up an extra barrier? So that’s my final decision – comment away, no extra authentication required!

One thought on “To accept comments or not to accept comments, that is the question

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