We give you the happy winner!

b4f3eec.jpgA belated “thanks” to all of you who took the time to respond to our website survey. We did indeed do a random drawing and the winner of the iPod Shuffle was Zoe Anderson of the Napa County Library — who, as you can see, loves it!
Seriously, you gave us a lot of very useful information and we have incorporated many of your ideas into our website redesign, which is still in progress. Those of you (the majority) who expressed a dislike for lime green (my term for the color – most of you were less kind) will be happy to know that there is NO green in the new design! The redesign is going a bit more slowly than we expected (I’m told that they always do), but we’d rather take a bit longer and “get it right.” So don’t look for the new website to debut at CLA (sigh!).