From the better late than never department

Okay, so I promised a bunch of interesting podcasts from CLA (I hoped they would post some good stuff on their blog, but so far not much is there, oh well.). Here’s the thing: we were SO BUSY that we never had time to do them! A poor excuse, but here’s a podcast with Gail McGovern and me, about setting up the Infopeople booth and what was going to be happening there. It’s not Edward R. Murrow quality or anything, but we’re newbie podcasters, okay?
Holly Hinman as a superheroOur big draw giveaway this year were framed photos we called “Library Heroes” which was in keeping with the theme of this year’s conference: Everyday Heroes @ Your Library. They were two life-size cardboard figures of superheroes (with “Infopeople” emblazoned across their respective male and female chests). People stuck their heads through the cutout faces and hey presto! they became instant library heroes! We had a bustling business for the three days the exhbit hall was open, and at some point or another, most of the “peeps” had their picture taken. A rogues’ gallery of sorts can be found here, along with assorted other photos from the conference.
On a personal note: what was with the complete lack of food or drink in the conference center? Aside from the no host bar on Friday, it was tough to find even a working vending machine in the place! As one who was stuck in there for three days straight, hey conference organizer people! We’re thirsty folks here!
Update: Sarah Houghton (one of our fab mini-demo presenters) over at LibrarianinBlack has some good content on the CLA conference. Check it out!