Wikipedia program on NPR

Everyone is talking about Wikipedia, including librarians (okay, especially librarians). Take a listen to NPR’s show “Wikipedia, Open Source, and the Future of the Web.” Some top leaders in the area (Chris Anderson of Wired magazine), Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, and author Nicholas Carr discuss the effect of Wikipedia and similar collaborative projects. A lot of time is devoted to discussing accuracy vs. broadness of opinion. Worth a listen!

One thought on “Wikipedia program on NPR

  1. This is really a wonderful show to hear in order to understand what quality (and lack) goes into the Wikipedia, what’s coming next, and how it all is important.Important points:”negotiated truth”
    not good for those too young or uneducated to evaluate sourcesredefining “authority” as merit-based, not ph.d based
    I also liked the admission that Wired magazine sees its competitors not as other magazines, but rather as blogs and the entire Internet.

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