Talkin’ turkey

Thursday is Thanksgiving, a time when we all gather with family and friends to celebrate the first known case of indigestion in North America. No wait – that’s a different holiday! Anyway, it IS that time when our thoughts turn to turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie, so this seems like a good time to visit the Urban Legends site and see what they say about turkeys. My fave:

Butterball turkey experts still talk about the Kentucky woman who called in 1993 to ask how to get her dog out of her turkey. It seems the woman’s Chihuahua had dived into the bird’s cavity and become trapped there. The woman tried pulling the pooch and shaking the bird, all to no avail. A Butterball economist finally suggested the woman carefully cut the opening in the turkey wider to release the captive canine.

Now for those who need a little distraction from all the holiday hoopla, try this game on for size. As usual with these things, I was terrible. Maybe you’ll have better luck!
Have a great hoilday, everyone! And consider this our Friday Funny for the week, the peeps are taking a bit of time away from computers to celebrate the day with family and friends.