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We here at Infoblog have been busily investigating the art of podcasting: how to record the little devils and then how to get them posted. It’s more challenging than you’d think. Currently we like to use the interal microphone in our Macs and record directly into a nifty application called Audio Hijack Pro that saves the resulting audio files as MP3. This works quite nicely (see Holly Hinman’s November 14 podcast as an example of this method).
Today I was reading wilwheaton dot net, and he mentioned a way to record podcasts using Garage Band. Neat! As a musical doofus who can play no musical instruments (with the exception of the kazoo), I had written Garage Band off as an application that I would never use. Now I can’t wait to give it a shot! This page also offers some excellent tips on creating podcasts, so if you’re thinking of trying podcasting for your library but you don’t have a Mac, you’ll still find some useful information. Here’s my number one tip: have a script or at least talking points about what you want to say before you start talking!

6 thoughts on “Recording podcasts

  1. I’ve been doing a weekly podcast for our library for a couple of months now. Here are some things I’ve found useful.
    1. Record about 10-12 seconds of nothing before speaking. Then you can use this for noise reduction. At least in Audacity, my tool of choice.
    2. Use volume normalization.
    3. Fill in the MP3 tags. It is amazing how many folks forget this step. If they are not filled in, it is hard to find the track on a player. Liz Phair is doing podcasts and several of her shows are missing this. And she has a crew and professionals working for her I would guess.
    4. Listen to it before posting it. Have you removed most of the background noise, is the volume right, are you speaking clearly, is this something you feel has value?

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