Stephen Abram on Innovation

Roy Tennant points us to a good read in the November issue of Current Cites.

Abram, Stephen. “32 Tips to Inspire Innovation for You and Your Library” SirsiDynix OneSource (October 2005)( – I’m cheating a bit on this cite, which points you to the final part of a three-part series that stretched from July to October. I did this since only the third part points you to the two previous parts. Enough of the mechanics, as usual Stephen Abram rocks in this pithy, well-written and inspiring set of tips. Each tip is a phrase such as “Iteration is everything” and “Good not perfect”, accompanied by an explanatory paragraph. Those who keep up with business literature may find some tips familiar, but such street wisdom is unfortunately much less prevalent in the library literature. So if you don’t get out much, and even if you do, don’t make the mistake of overlooking this series simply because it is a vendor’s newsletter. Feel free to overlook the obligatory references to SirsiDynix products. This is certifiably great stuff, period. – RT Current Cites, November 2005