Word of the Year

At MacDailyNews I found out that podcast is the New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word for 2005.
Examples of the runners-up include:
• bird flu (an often fatal flu virus of birds, esp. poultry, that is transmissible from them to humans, in whom it may also prove fatal)
• ICE (an entry stored in one’s cellular phone that provides emergency contact information)
• IDP (internally displaced person; someone forced to relocate within a country because of a natural disaster or civil unrest)
• lifehack (a more efficient or effective way of completing an everyday task: “I found a great lifehack for getting a cheap hotel room.”)
• reggaeton (a Latin American dance music which combines elements of reggae music with hip-hop and rap.)
• squick (cause immediate and thorough revulsion: “was anyone else squicked by our waiter’s piercings?”)
Erin McKean, editor in chief of the New Oxford American Dictionary, said: “Podcast was considered for inclusion last year, but we found that not enough people were using it, or were even familiar with the concept. This year it’s a completely different story. The word has finally caught up with the rest of the iPod phenomenon.”