RFID podcast

Mary Minow over at LibraryLaw brought this podcast to our attention. Download it to your computer or your Mp3 player to catch up on the good and the bad of RFID.

RFID: The Digital Era and Privacy Date: 11/04/05 Time: 1:52:26 Size: 180MB
Symposium addressing Radio frequency identification–RFID–is a new technology that uses computer microchips to track books, animals, automobiles, packages, people and anything that can carry a small microchip. Leaders in the field discussed the pros and cons of this new and developing technology. Speakers include Dean Carol Roehrenbeck (Introduction), Dean Staurt Deutsch (Introduction), Grayson Barber (Part 1), Barry Steinhardt (Part 1), Leslie Burger (Part 2), and Lee Tien (Part 2).