Craigslist and the Media

FC NOW, Fast Company‘s blog had an interesting entry on Craigslist.
The writer thinks that “Craigslist shows the value of presenting people a free service with wide capabilities (Google also comes to mind).”
Here are a few excerpts:
Last night’s episode of Nightline had a segment on Craig Newmark and his Internet-classifieds Website. While the show devoted some time to smiling customers, it mostly focused on the negative aspects of Craigslist. Besides a quick mention of the shady nature of the Casual Encounter section of Craigslist, there was the complaint that the site is hurting the newspaper business, stealing away those who would buy classified ads.
Nightline’s criticism felt like a sad defense of old media by old media. Why must Newmark and Craigslist answer for the papers’ failings? Craigslist has become one of the top Websites in the world (3 billion page views per month) as new features and additional cities have been added to the line-up.