Programming is marketing is programming

Library Marketing has great programming tips to try along with an enormous amount of information on marketing. A must read for library pr people and her tips_to_try category a must read for anyone who does programming for their library. Unfortunately the blog has just begun categorizing the posts. I scanned through a few of the archived posts and here are some examples from this ongoing conversation with her readers:

Eugenia writes, “I thought I would share a successful table our library had at a ‘fair” type setting last year. We had some Sherlock Holmes decorations, and students who visited our table were given clue cards with the title and author of one of our books as well as a handout with brief instructions for searching our online catalog for the book. After finding the book’s call number in our catalog and locating the book on the shelf, they would find a coupon for free food from local fast food restaurants or money-off coupons from other local businesses which we had placed in the book’s date due card pocket. It was a great way to get students into the library as well as introduce them to the library catalog. The students seemed to enjoy it a lot!”
One of the best discussions I’ ve seen of what marketing really means for libraries is in a short post called Marketing is code for customer service.
Elsevier has put out a terrific annotated bibliography on the topic of library marketing. Marketing Library Resources: An Annotated Bibliography (2005, 20p., PDF…. Good stuff! Many thanks to Steven Bell for passing this along!

I read about this blog in LJ

[Jill] Stover shares clever promotional ideas through her web log, Library Marketing: Thinking Outside the Book. She finds blogs an ideal way to meet and share ideas with like-minded colleagues and to force-feed her own professional development—the obligation to post regularly compels her to keep up with the latest developments and learn to synthesize and present information in an interesting manner. By spreading the word that librarians must market their services, her blog also gives her the means to have an outsize impact on the profession.