How geeky are you?

I ran across this reading a hard copy of Newsweek magazine. The article referred me to the online version, which I now offer for your Friday enjoyment: How Geeky Are You? it turns out that I am seriously nerdy, not that I really needed Newsweek to help me figure that out.
And since tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, here are the Top 100 April Fool’s Hoaxes of All Time. Here’s Number 87, Telepathic Email:

The April 1999 edition of Red Herring Magazine included an article about a revolutionary new technology that allowed users to compose and send email telepathically. The company developing this technology was Tidal Wave Communications, led by Yuri Maldini, a computer genius from Estonia. Mr. Maldini claimed that he had developed the technology from the encrypted communications systems he had helped the army put in place during the Gulf War. At the end of the article the reporter recalled a moment when he asked Mr. Maldini how big the market for such a product might be: “Mr. Maldini falls silent. He stares vacantly for several moments out his office window and then says, ‘I just sent you an email with my answer.’ Upon returning to our office, we find the response waiting: ‘It’s going to be huge,’ reads the email. ‘Simply huge.'” Red Herring received numerous letters from readers admitting they had been fooled by the article.