An interesting new search engine: Zillow!

There’s a new kid on the search engine block: Zillow. Well, it’s sort of a search engine, anyway. It’s a database of 65,00,000+ homes and their current market values. Plug an address, street, or neighborhood and the city or zip in and presto! through the magic of Google maps and a proprietary formula (iff they told us they’d have to kill us, I guess) you get instant “zestimates” for a home. It’s pretty cool, and loads of fun. Is it accurate? They clain it is, within a 10% margin of error. I plugged our address in, and I’d have to agree with them. They were definitely in the ballpark! What’s extra nice is that you don’t have to provide any personal information to get these estimates, and it’s all free. it’s also beta, so we can’t guarantee that it will stay free forever, but while it is, it’s worth a gander or two!
Now if they’d just get over “z’ing” everything….