Booklist Online

And I mean that literally. A staple of library book selectors everywhere, Booklist has been around for 100 years, providing book reviews and reading recommendations. From their FAQ:

Q: What is Booklist Online?
A: Booklist Online is both a free Web site and a subscription database. The free site offers a generous selection of Booklist content—plus some Web-only features—and is updated daily or weekly, depending on the portion of the site. The subscription database contains archived reviews and feature that are dynamically linked.
Q: What is in the Booklist Online Database?
A: The database contains over 100,000 reviews and thousands of features dating back to 1992. Much of the older material is searchable but not linked in the way newer content is. Please bear with us while we improve the quality of our content.

So don’t cancel your subscription to the print version just yet, but do check out this new and valuable online resource. Subscription prices vary based on the type of library subscribing. Check out the rates here.