Productivity and Time Management Tips

43 Folders is an independent web site by Merlin Mann. Mann describes the site as a “parking lot for some of the ideas that excite me. Nerdy stuff like OSX tricks, productivity hints, and the rapidly growing field of mental overclocking that Danny O’Brien has called “Lifehacks.” You’re also going to have to endure frequent references to David Allen’s Getting Things Done system—and, believe me, if you keep finding that the water of your life has somehow run onto the floor, GTD may be just the drinking glass you need to get things back together.” He hopes his readers will enjoy his “Mental Sausage.”
The most frequently mentioned topics are:
• productivity and time management tips
• “life hacks” to improve efficiency and get things off your mind
• ideas about modest ways to improve your life and reduce stress
• cool or helpful shortcuts that make life a bit easier
• interesting Macintosh OS X programs and technologies