Video fun

After a long hiatus, we return with a new edition of (drum roll, please) Friday Funnies!
This week for your listening and viewing pleasure, we present You Tube, a very cool video, uh, library of clips from all over. Anybody can contribute pretty much anything, you can vote on your favorite clips, and some of tthe stuff is hysterical! From Boing Boing, I found this awesome video of a guy playing the ukelele. I know, you’re thing, “Ukelele, how exciting can that be?” Well, watch and learn! The great thing about You Tube is that one link leads to another and you end up four hours later having wasted half your day. Keyword searches are the way to go. For instance, “dogs” gets you a whole slew of funny dog videos. Here’s my current favorite dog video clip. Good stuff for a Friday!
Another great time sink is Rocketboom, a tongue-in-cheek news vlog. if yyou’ve never heard of a vlog, it’s basically a weblog that uses video for its content. Rocketboom is a faux newscast, along the lines of the Daily Show, but much shorter – each “newscast” is only three minutes long. Jump in anywhere for a taste.