Microsoft says: All your Internet Explorer browser are belong to us!

This is kind of bad news from the Microsoft department: they have made Internet Explorer 7 a high priority update. This means that if you have Automatic Update turned on (which you should), IE 7 will get installed. The good news is you can choose NOT to install it – at that time. The doubly good news is that they are also making a tool available which will make Automatic Update quit asking you to install it. But the Microserfs really want you to upgrade, mostly due to the wealth on vulnerabilities in IE 6. So what should you do?
As the LibrarianInBlack says:

You may want to think about how this will affect your library’s computers–both staff and public–if you’re using IE. If it’s pushed out automatically, you’ll need staff to go around to each computer to accept or refuse installation. The update may also affect program or file path names (hopefully not though), how the browser interacts with your security software, how the browser’s new security interacts with your website/databases/eBooks, any user instructions for IE (assuming that’s what’s on your public machines), etc.

So it goes. Read more here and here.