CLA Conference: Technology Petting Zoo

Are you bewitched, bothered or bewildered by the technology craze?
Are you overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the latest in iPods, digital cameras, game consoles, blogging, podcasting and websites like MySpace and YouTube?
Even if you are aware of the trends, are you unclear why and how your library can make use of what’s available?
Come to the CLA Conference in Sacramento November 11-13 and let Infopeople make learning about using technology a little bit easier for you. The 2006 Infopeople hands-on Technology Petting Zoo will be in the CLA Conference Exhibit Area.
Infopeople will be better able to customize the Technology Petting Zoo to meet your needs if you share what you find most perplexing or what you are most curious about regarding technology.
Give Infopeople your 2¢ in a short survey.