Browser smackdown!

Wowza! The past week or two has seen the release of two big upgrades: Firefox 2.0 & Internet Explorer 7.0. Firefox’s last big upgrade was version one, which was released just two years ago. Internet Explorer hasn’t seen a major upgrade since version 6 came out in 2001. Beta versions of IE 7 have been out for a while (I downloaded one beta and ended up reformatting my hard drive – ick!).
Upgrading to Firefox 2.0 is no big deal and a pretty small download, and if you’re running Firefox version 1.whatever you’ll have no trouble upgrading to 2.0. What about IE 7? Well for starters it’s a slower install and it also runs a check to make sure you have a legit copy of Windows XP before it will even start downloading. Then there are the system requirements: you MUST have at least Windows XP with Service Pack 2 – no Win 98 or Win NT machines or Macs need apply.
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