Arch Lustberg on One to One Communications

Popular Infopeople Eureka Leadership Series instructor, Arch Lustberg, was interviewed by learning guru, Elliott Masie in October. You can hear/read the 8 minute interview about Arch either as a podcast or download the pdf.
Here’s a sample exchange:
Elliott Masie: And you know, in this age of e-Learning and instant messenger and digital communications, which are enormously exciting, you are focusing in on the human, face-to-face communication. Why is that so important? And give me a little spice of your passion about this Arch.
Arch Lustberg: Well, Elliott, face-to-face: the importance of the face is the most important part of my message. The face sends all signals to the audience and face sends signals to the voice and so when I frown and I say to you, “Good morning,” listen to that: “Good morning. I hope you’re having as bad a day as I am.” Now, the face goes neutral and I say to you, “Good morning,” and you say, “What?” But, I’ll open my face and I say to you, “Good morning,” and I am brightening your day and I am brightening my day and I am enhancing my likeability factor, which is what you are going to base your judgment of me on.