And Now…Technology Evangelism in Silicon Valley

A new organization for technology evangelists has just been formed, GNoTE (Global Network of Technology Evangelists); it’s first conference, GNoTECon is December 4th at the Network Meeting Center in Santa Clara.
Do you find the event description intriguing or off-putting?
Are you passionate about technology? Do you thrive on making a difference in people’s lives with your passion for technology? Do you get confused sideways looks with raised eyebrows when telling people that you are a Technology Evangelist? If so, GNoTECon is the event for you. It is the industry’s first conference to discuss technology evangelism!
GNoTE (Global Network of Technology Evangelists) was founded to foster technology evangelism and help establish best practices for technology outreach in the industry. The title “Technology Evangelist” was first coined by Guy Kawasaki while working for Apple Computer in the late 1980s. In recent years, many large companies including Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo! have employed evangelism to effectively promote their products in the global market. These companies have achieved phenomenal success in evangelizing and buildling global communities. Hear the pioneers of technology evangelism and passionate technology evangelists talk about their endeavors.