Newest Electronic Gadgets

If you want to know what’s hot in consumer electronics, check out Good Morning America’s Consumer Electronics Show article online. Be sure to watch the video too.
Here are some examples of the featured items:
D-Box’s $10,000 Motionsync Home Theater – “your chair will rock ‘n roll as you watch action movies and TV shows at home”
WowWee’s $350 animated Elvis – “singing-and-talking bust based on the King’s 1968 comeback TV special”
Soundolier’s $249 Duo Wireless Speaker Lamp – “a state-of-the-art, omnidirectional speaker hidden within a stylish floor lamp”
Electric Spin’s $249 Golf Launchpad – “a unique golf simulator available on Windows, Mac and PlayStation2 platforms”
EPOS’s $80 Digital USB Pen – “wirelessly records the pen’s movements, and is then plugged into the computer’s USB port to download the text and drawings”