BusinessWeek Announces Eight 2007 Tech Trends

Tech Trends for 2007, a special report from BusinessWeek “previews this year’s trends in technology, from the advent of the iPhone to widgets for kids.”
• Look Ma, No Buttons
• Web War: Nothing Neutral About It
• The Mobile Internet’s Future Is East
• Meeting All the World’s Tech Needs
• Internet TV Is Finally a Reality Show
• Small Biz Ads: The Year of the Web
• The MySpace Ecosystem: A Survival Guide
• HD Radio Still Taking the Rap
Here are a few excerpts:
“The tone for any year in technology is set in the digital equivalent of stone by early January. That’s when Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs takes the stage at the annual Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, touting his company’s latest wares just as the world’s largest tech-gear trade show, Consumer Electronics Show International, is in full swing in the next state over.”
“This year was no exception, what with the Jan. 9 introduction of the Apple (AAPL) iPhone, a combined cell phone and music player that’s sending ripples across the tech landscape half a year before it hits shelves. One of its standout qualities is a screen that lets users dial numbers and call up features by touch, rather than with buttons or a dial pad. The device puts iPhone at the forefront of a new family of touch-sensitive, gesture-based devices that may revolutionize consumer electronics in 2007…”
“This also may be the year Western companies such as Qualcomm (QCOM), Motorola (MOT), Intel (INTC), and Siemens (SI) step up efforts to woo the millions of new prospective customers in developing countries. They’ll go far beyond fancy phones and personal computers, tailoring devices to meet more mundane needs. Think light bulbs that consume less energy and systems that help congested cities manage traffic flows.”