Manifestos for Change

Did you make any 2007 resolutions? If so, how are you doing?
If you need stimulation, check out the wonderful array of manifestos from ChangeThis, which facilitates “the spread of thoughtful arguments…arguments we call manifestos. A manifesto is a five-, ten- or twenty-page PDF file that makes a case. It outlines in careful, thoughtful language why you might want to think about an issue differently. If we strike a chord, the manifesto will spread. You can email the manifesto to anyone you like, you can even post it on your website or print it out. A great manifesto says something youʼve wanted to say for a while, but does it eloquently and simply and saves you the trouble of writing it yourself.”
If the idea appeals to you, be sure to look at the archives. I especially recommend Reclaim Your Life: A Two-Week Challenge to Help You Regain Time.