Legal Information Online from Nolo and Infopeople

Be sure to let your customers know that Nolo Press has podcasts online. You can listen at the site, download a file using iTunes or subscribe via RSS. As of February 1, there were 52 topics available in the following categories
• Legal News
• Business and Human Resources
• Patents, Copyright and Art
• Wills and Estate Planning
• Property and Money
• Family Law and Immigration
• Rights and Disputes
Then, be sure you are up to date by taking advantage of upcoming Infopeople free hour-long webcasts on legal issues.
Youth Access for Information and Age-Based Policies with Mary Minow and Janis O’Driscoll on March 1 from 12-1
Privacy Issues: RFID, Patron Holds, RSS Feeds, Personalized Reading Lists, Etc. with Mary Minow and Lori Bowen Ayre on April 5 from 12-1
Religious Issues in Libraries with Mary Minow on May 3 from 12-1