Looking for videos? Try Stumble Video!

I signed up for a StumbleUpon account a while ago, and haven’t really utilized it all that well. It’s a toolbar that works with the Firefox, Mozilla, and Sea Monkey web browsers and basically enhances your ability to do, as Gail McGovern likes to call it, “serendipitous searching.” Pretty cool idea!
Well now there’s a new tool in town: Stumble Video. Stumble Video allows you to locate web videos from all sorts of websites, based on your topic preferences. The player is embedded, so there’s nothing to download. If you already have a Stumble account, it will work with Stumble Video, or you can quickly set up and account (for free) here. you can either click the Stumble button and see what comes up, or you can locate videos by topic, or “channel,” as Stumble calls it. For instance, I found this video by clicking on the Stumble button. Kinda makes me want to go to las Vegas and see it for myself! I found this one by going to the Cats channel. Warning: you think YouTube is a timesink – this may be worse.