The State of America’s Libraries

The ALA’s 2007 report on The State of America’s Libraries was released this week. Among the findings:

  • The number of visits to public libraries in the United States increased 61% between 1994 and 2004
  • Academic and research libraries’ e-book purchases increased 68% from 2002 to 2004
  • 68% of respondents 18 to 24 years old visited a library last year, compared with only 48% of those 55 years and older
  • 44% of people under age 35 used libary computers, compared with 22% of those 55 and older
  • Virtually all (99%) U.S. public libraries now provide free public computer access to the Internet, compared to 25% 10 years ago

There’s a lot more where that came from. if you’re overwhelmed by the whole thing, just check out the executive summary.