Jolts of Creativity

Bookmark Roger von Oech’s Creative Think website for those times when you need a quick creative spark to help you solve a problem. Click on Roger’s photo and a different card from his Creative Whack Pack cards will pop up with a great idea. You may want to check out his blog as well.
If you want to learn more about the creative process and develop your leadership skills, why not sign up for the Infopeople workshop, Building Leadership Skills: Stimulating Creativity with Joyce Wycoff.
The workshop is designed for library community managers, innovators and emerging leaders who want to enhance their own creativity and who want to be able to lead for creativity and innovation.
The workshop will help you:
• Understand the creative process and how to effectively use it
• Learn how to identify and appreciate different thinking styles
• Understand how and when to use several creative thinking tool
• Use mindmapping to clarify thinking and make it visual for others
• Use metaphorical thinking to generate “out of the box” ideas
• Understand the qualities of a successful creative process
• Be able to use a simple model to make creative projects more successful
• Develop a self-mastery plan to improve creative leadership abilities