A couple of cool tools

I’ve been reading about a couple of neat new things (well, they’re new to me, anyway) and thought I’d share.

  • SlideShare – Got a PowerPoint presentation that you’d like to share with folks, but don’t have anywhere to upload it? Try SlideShare. Accounts are free, and you can upload PPT, PPS, PDF, and Keynote files; maximum file size is 30MB (pretty generous!). The presentations are converted to Flash files. Here’s a PowerPoint presentation I created. The original was 1.1MB, and it took less than a minute to upload, convert, and tag the file (it failed once on me, so I’d recommend being patient – it is free, after all!). Like YouTube, they provide you with linking code for web pages and/or blogs.
  • RibbonCustomizer – Do you have a copy of Office 2007? Are you (like me) frustrated about tyring to figure out where all of the menus went? Check out RibbonCustomizer! It’s a shareware app ($29.99) that gives you the ability (without trolling around in the innards of Office or Visual Basic – ick!) to get the classic File/Edit/View/Insert, etc. menus back. Even nicer, you can get the classic UI options back with the free version. Yay!
  • IE7Pro – This great little app gives you lots of options to aid you in customizing the look and feel of IE7, including moving the menu bar above the address bar, and a Firefox-style spell checker.

One thought on “A couple of cool tools

  1. Slideshare is an excellent resource – I use it all of the time. There are others, but in my experience I think you’ve gone with the best.

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