George and Joan, Thinking Out Loud: Are We Dumbing Down the Library?

Infopeople is pleased to announce a new series of podcasts: “George and Joan, Thinking Out Loud.” Perspicacious pundits George Needham (OCLC) and Joan Frye Williams (library consultant) will compare notes – in their own inimitable style – on some of the hottest topics in libraries today. First on their list of conversation starters: Do trendy new service models amount to ‘dumbing down’ the library? Don’t miss the opportunity to listen in as Joan and George mix it up in a freewheeling format that’s sure to leave you with plenty to ponder.
If you like this one, stay tuned, because George and Joan will be Thinking Out Loud on the Infopeople site on a monthly basis. Upcoming topics include change and libraries, libraries getting it right, and the decline of deference.
Remember, you can listen to podcasts directly on your computer as long as it has speakers and is running any application that can play MP3 files, including Windows Media Player, WinAmp, and Real Player. Of course, if you have an iPod or any other type of MP3 player, you can download the files and take them with you to listen to wherever you happen to be.
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2 thoughts on “George and Joan, Thinking Out Loud: Are We Dumbing Down the Library?

  1. This is great news to me! I am addicted to podcasts and this one will be a great addition to my collection.
    Is there a way to subscribe to this podcast or should I just watch for new podcasts on blog?

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