File sharing with Pando

I just discovered this new (to me) tool today. It’s a peer to peer file sharing tool called Pando. If you have ever had to send, or wanted to share with folks, really big media files (pics, movies, etc) and couldn’t do it via email, then Pando is worth a look. It compresses your file (or folder) into a tiny .pando file that you can then email or share via IM. You and your recipient need the free Pando app to compress or open the files. Pando works with both Macs and PCs. Cool!

2 thoughts on “File sharing with Pando

  1. There are at this point about 200 sites that allow you to share large (100-700mb) files with others, without needing to install anything on your computers. See e.g.,,,,,, etc.etc.etc.

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