Planning Your 2008 Trendwatching Strategies

If the January Infoblog postings about trend watching didn’t grab you, but you’ve become more interested after listening to George and Joan’s podcasts, take a look at’s September 2007: Top 5 Trend Watching Tips and get ready for the changes 2008 is sure to bring.
The five tips for September are easy to read and understand; here’s the list with a brief description to whet your appetite for more.
1. Know why you’re tracking trends – Keep up with what’s happening, get new ideas and be poised for innovations.
2. Have a point a view – When you have a broad point of view, even tiny observations start to make sense.
3. Weave your web of resources – Soak up the insights, the spottings, the reports, the live dispatches from the global consumer arena.
4. Fine-tune your trend framework- Start building your own Trend Framework by copying consumer trends from existing trend curators.
5. Embed and apply – Start your own Trend Group even if you are the first and only member until your fervor attracts others.