Learning Languages Online

If you know people who want to learn a new language or Spanish or Polish speakers who want help learning English, check out Mango.
You must have Flash installed to use the lessons and register for a free account. At this time, there is no cost for unlimited use of all of the lessons.
When you begin a lesson, you hear a brief conversation, and then you proceed forward and backward through a series of slides at your own pace. Mango does an excellent job of combining audio clips and written text. If you want to hear a phrase again, you just click the sound icon. To skip ahead, you just click the slide advance button.
Billed as “the first Free enterprise language learning course available on the Internet,” the beta release of Mango currently offers 11 courses. Each course has 100 lessons available. The 11 languages are: Spanish, Russian, French, Talian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, English for Spanish Speakers and English for Polish speakers.
Don’t forget that Infopeople offers a variety of Spanish language related resources.
Currently, for those of you who want help teaching Spanish-Speaking Patrons How to Use the Internet, Infopeople will be offering that onground course beginning in October for only $75.
Also Survival Spanish for Library Staff on CD is still available free.