CLA 2007 is coming!

clagiveaways.jpgHere at Peep Central we have been busy, busy, busy making preparations for the CLA conference that starts Oct 26 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The joint California State Library booth theme this year is CollaBOOration (get it? Halloween?) and among other things there will be a haunted house, and a tree of dead technology. Here is a YouTube video tour of the model (which is mostly still accurate).
Due to popular demand there will be another Technology Petting Zoo (only this year it’s called the Maze of Technology). Here is a video of the items. I created it using a Flip Video camera (one of the items).
If you come to the Maze and try out an item, you’ll get a ticket that’s good for a t-shirt. The t-shirts can be picked up at the Infopeople booth, where you can also enter the raffle to win an iPod touch (one will also be available for you to play with and drool over, and it is really worth drooling over, IMHO). There will be other swag available as well, including a nifty desktop night light (well, that’s what it looks like to me, anyway), and squishy maniacal pumpkins which can be squeezed or thrown, based on your frustration levels. You can see what they look like in the pic accompanying this posting.
We will also have, for the first time at CLA as far as I know, a gaming booth where you can try out a Nintendo Wii sport like golf, bowling, boxing, or tennis or Dance Dance Revolution on a Playstation 2. Cheryl Gould is threatening to start a tournament, so come prepared to boogie.
Since Infopeople is all about Web 2.0, we will also be podcasting from the Maze. I’ve created a Gabcast channel just for the event, and we hope to be adding content pretty regularly once the conference setup starts on Thursday. I’ve added a link to the blog’s sidebar to the Gabcast content, so you can keep up that way as well.
And last but certainly not least, on Friday afternoon at 5:15 there will be a very special event. Ray Bradbury, the world-famous writer, will be speaking in the Exhibit Hall, and there will be signed copies of The Halloween Tree available for purchase. If you miss Ray at CLA he will also be doing book signings at Vroman’s in Pasadena on Halloween.