Great Online Video Game for Kids

Kaiser Permanente has designed a FREE online video game you’ll want to bookmark on your children’s area computers. Titled The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective, this free interactive video game for kids aged 9 to 10 teaches players about healthy eating and activity habits—and it is engaging and fun.
Junior food detectives, in English or Spanish, solve the cases of eight diverse kids who need to learn healthy habits. Kids can also print out fun health information to share, such as games (Whack A Snack, Soccer, and Zap the TV), scavenger hunts, exercises and recipes.
Not only does the game teach kids how to eat healthier foods, but also how to get more active and manage how they spend their time in front of the computer and television.
Kids can print out classified clues on ways to be healthy, and are encouraged to share them with their parents, teachers, and pals.