Spreading Information

When I read the purpose of Truemors, I hoped it had been created by a library related sponsor.
See what you think
The purpose of Truemors is to democratize and spread information. First, from a “citizen journalist/editor” perspective it enables you to “tell the world”—within the bounds of good taste and the law anyway. Second, from a reader perspective, it puts you “in the know” about the latest news, rumors, and happenings, so that “you know better” without having to spend hours every day searching for information.
As it turns out, Nononina, Inc. created Truemors and one of the founders of Nononina is Guy Kawasaki, a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures and the former chief evangelist of Apple. Author of The Art of the Start, Guy is one of my favorite authors. His blog, How to Change the World is also one of my favorites.
Whether you agree with spreading this type of information or not
You might want to think about offering library users easy ways to communicate with your library as Truemors does for its users:
*Call 1-650-329-2020 and leave a voicemail. SpinVox will translate your voicemail to text and send it to our server. Incidentally, you can speak in English, German, Spanish, and French. Your message, however, will remain in the language you spoke
* Text “2020 ” to 55022
* Enter your message in this online form
* Send an email to post@truemors.com