Prognostications from CLA 2007, Part 1

If you weren’t able to visit the Infopeople booth at CLA, you missed the chance to hear a costumed fortune-teller (library consultant Joan Frye Williams, in a cameo appearance) render predictions about the future of libraries. Here’s a sampling of her pithy prognostications. More to come next week. She did a lot of prognosticating.
In the future…
*Library users will choose from a variety of convenient borrowing plans – enabling them to check out more items for a shorter loan period, or fewer items for a longer loan period, or have all materials due on the same day each month, etc.
*Library card information and barcode/RFID identifiers will be downloadable to – and directly readable from – cell phones and PDAs.
*Library users will schedule personalized reader’s advisory sessions with a “reading coach.”
*Integrated system software will be open source; the library will contract for maintenance on a year-to-year or multi-year basis from competing suppliers.
*Retiring baby boomers will demand elaborate summer reading programs for adults.
*The library will become a primary destination for consumer health information and services such as flu shots, well baby clinics, etc.
*The majority of new library construction will be “green” – and LEED certified.
*Libraries will broaden – and improve – their pool of applicants for customer service jobs by omitting the word “library” from recruitment ads.
*Demand-based dynamic shelving algorithms will replace the Dewey Decimal System.
*Library conferences will be modeled on events like PopTech.
*Libraries will take steps to become carbon neutral.