not on work time — Pete’s Pond

From the time I started a gopher bookmark file I’ve loved running across wonderful works of all sorts whilst out and about on the web. Now that I’ve retired I have the time to find even more. Once a week I’ll share a website I find particularly worth spending a little time visiting. Not on work time of course!
My first has to be my all-time favorite site: Pete’s Pond, National Geographic’s webcam for the watering hole at a game preserve in Botswana. While drinking my morning coffee I keep company with the pond’s visitors. This AM I saw 50 to 100 kudu, a quartet of greyish animals with a round white circle on their rears (?), countless birds, and a warthog. I tune in early in the morning (late afternoon/eve there) and sometimes in the evening (dawn/early morning there). The camera is amazing. It zooms in on motion and can see in the dark!
I tuck a RealPlayer window of what’s going on at the pond in the upper left corner of my screen and keep it visible while I’m doing email, reading news, etc. (To get a RealPlayer window I right mouse click on the version on the National Geographic webpage and choose the option to open it in RealPlayer – ymmv).
Until next week…