Prognostications from CLA 2007, Part 2

Here are more of the pithy prognostications from fortune-teller/library consultant Joan Frye Williams made at CLA 2007. (In case you missed it, here’s a link to part 1).
In the future…
*A subscription audio book channel will be added to satellite radio.
*Public libraries will offer summer “reading camp” programs in collaboration with the YMCA.
*The federal Library Services and Technology Act will be reoriented and renewed as the Library Services and Communities Act.
*Effective auto-translation software will truly globalize information access, leading to serious challenges to existing copyright laws.
*Legislation will require that literacy and ESOL services become part of the curriculum in state-funded library schools.
*Interlibrary loan will be replaced by scan-on-demand service.
*OCLC will offer access to WorldCat via LibraryThing, the social cataloging website.
*More than two thirds of library school education will be conducted online.
*Programmable touch screens/touch keyboards will replace traditional keyboards.
*VISA will add a universal library card privilege to its credit cards, effectively preauthorizing users to borrow materials from any participating library.
*Libraries will receive health agency funding to support their role in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.
*Infopeople will train its millionth workshop attendee.
*At the 2032 summer Olympics in Dublin, Ohio, book cart drill team competition will debut as a demonstration sport.
Can’t wait for that book cart drill team!