Decisions, decisions

My voter pamphlet arrived in the mail a few days ago, followed by my sample ballot. Yep, it’s election time! Carole Leita shared GlassBooth with us all last week, so I thought I’d toss in a few sites that I have found to be useful for helping users (and yourselves!) find information about candidates and initiatives.
My favorite site is the California Voter Foundation. It offers an online voter guide, a list of all candidates, and it also offers analyses of the propositions. A Follow the Money section on each proposition page tells you what PACs have given money to support or oppose it. They have archived information on elections back to 1994.
The 2008 Technology Voter’s Guide from focuses on presidential candidates’ stands on all things technology. If you need to find out a candidate’s views on Net Neutrality, this is a good place to go. The downside: they don’t have info on all of the candidates.
The New York Times Election Guide 2008 is another great place to go to get info on who’s funding campaigns. Select a candidate from the Finances page and you can see how much money each candidate has raised. You can also search for donors by name or zip code. They have no info on state initiatives.
Project Vote Smart is another nonpartisan, non-profit voter information/education site. They get their campaign financing information from, which supplies copious details about campaign financing from presidential to congressional races. They too have no info on state initiatives.
Remember, be sure to vote on February 5!