Podcasts to Ponder

The American Management Association (AMA) offers free short (less than 15 minutes) podcasts with “insights and voices of recognized thought leaders across a wide range of topics.” AMA offers these thought-provoking podcasts “to provide those essential ‘nuggets’ of perspective that will help you and your organization improve performance, adapt to changing business realities, and prosper in a complex and competitive world.” The podcasts also include even shorter interviews with authors of new AMA books.
The February 1 podcast features Charles Handy, author of The Age of Unreason, The Elephant and the Flea, The Future or Work, The Age of Paradox and Myself and Other More Important Matters. It made me reflect upon how well positioned libraries are to help people discover what they are best at.
You can listen to individual podcasts at the AMA website or subscribe to the whole Edgewise series using iTunes or Yahoo! Podcasts.
If you are considering “moving into management,” these podcasts will give you a quick way to get current on management trends. If you want more than a quick listen, sign up for Infopeople’s new onground course, Moving into Management, taught by Nancy Bolt. It will provide you with “information and exercises to help you to complete a self assessment to determine your competencies, confidence, and commitment for moving into library management; discover key roles of a library manager and tips about successful management, and think about your own career goals and if management is one of them.”