Nifty tools for your cell phone!

As the law regarding hands-free cell phone use gets closer to going into effect (July 1), I thought I’d highlight a couple of tools that I enjoy. These can be of use to you and/or your users, and will keep you from doing dangerous things like texting while driving.
First up is my favorite, Jott. If you have ever called your answering machine to leave yourself reminders about things you need to do, Jott is for you! Set up an acount for free, validate your phone number, then you call a toll-free number and leave a message for yourself or any of your contacts who are in your Jott contact list (which you build online). If you have entered both the person’s email address and phone number then Jott sends both a text message and email to the person. If you prefer to only send text messages, then make sure that contact has a phone and no email address. If you prefer to only send email to that contact, then make sure that contact has an email address but no phone number.
Pinger is a service that allows you to call a local (to your cell phone) number and send a voice message to any contact you list on the Pinger website. It then sends the person a text message that there is a voice mail waiting for them. Hmm. Pinger also lets you create groups, and you can then send one voicemail message that will go to all members of your group. Pinger also offers voicemail (that could replace your cell provider’s voicemail).
Both Jott and Pinger allow you to save your messages (Jott in voice and text, Pinger in voice), on your personal web page, so you can refer back to them as needed. You can also set up reminders in Jott about an event. Both are free, so give them a shot and see what you think! Jott is one-way, where Pinger allows the person to whom you sent the message to reply.