George & Joan, Thinking Out Loud: Are Libraries Headed toward Extinction?

In this latest session of Thinking Out Loud, our intrepid podcasters George & Joan look at TIME magazine’s issue from Mar 24, 2008, 10 Ideas That Are Changing the World (among the ideas: the end of customer service and the new austerity) and they also talk about the Extinction Timeline, found on Ross Dawson’s blog,, and created jointly by What’s Next and the Future Exploration Network. Of special interest to libraries: the year 2019, in which Dawson predicts the extinction of libraries! It’s well worth a listen.
UPDATE: Sorry, folks. I seem incapable of typing (or for that matter, pasting, a file name correctly today. I have finally, absolutely, fixed the link to that latest G&J podcast. Sorry for any inconvenience! –Eileen the bad typist