Resurrecting Reference: the conversation continues!

We had a lively webinar today with George Needham and Joan Frye Williams doing a two-hour presentation on “Resurrecting Reference.” If you missed the live event, the archive is available.
The text chat had lots of really good information and discussion, so I thought I’d extract some of the links for folks who may have missed them as they whizzed by.

Some questions that were raised:

  • Is there … an evaluative mechanism for libraries that are using Meebo IM?
  • Is the personal interaction between the librarian and the user/patron/civilian of value? (Versus the anonymity of a service like QuestionPoint)
  • How do we handle the civilians who come to use for social connection? (If we are trying to re-prioritize the importance of reference.)

I’m opening up the comments, so have at it folks! Hopefully George and Joan will be monitoring and contributing as well…