Lisa Bartle’s Cascades of Information: Simplifying Web-page Changes

Infopeople instructor Lisa Bartle is on a mission to make life easier for staff involved in maintaining or upgrading library web pages: her new daylong workshop—“Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Pixel-Level Control with HTML Ease”—begins with an explanation of what Cascading Style Sheets are and, more importantly, continues with plenty of tips on how to use them to simplify the process of updating what library members and guests see when they visit those pages.
The idea behind Cascading Style Sheets is simple and builds from participants’ existing knowledge of HTML: creating and using a series of templates allows those working with web pages to quickly make changes in typefaces, colors, and even the overall layout of a page once and then have those changes carry over to all related pages within a site. An added benefit is that changes can be reversed as easily as they initially are made, whereas library staff members using HTML generally add coding each time a modification is made to a web page.
“HTML is about structure. It’s about control. It’s not about presentation. Once you take this class, you’ll know what the big deal is,” Bartle notes. It is “not some big, fancy, difficult thing. It’s like HTML. That’s not scary. That’s not hard. And by the end of the day, you’ll be able to apply it to make significant changes to your web pages…without learning complicated programming.”
Bartle brings her workshop to life by demonstrating how dramatically we can change the look of a web page through CSS-level editing. Workshop participants viewing the CSS Zen Garden site, for example, see an initial web page, then (from the choices offered in the right-hand column of that page) see the same text dramatically reformatted through the use of Cascading Style Sheets.
The session is currently scheduled to be offered at San Diego County Library Headquarters (September 4, 2008); Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library (September 23, 2008); the California State Library (Sacramento: October 9, 2008), and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in San Jose (October 22, 2008) from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day.
To enroll in this $75 workshop, please visit the online registration site; to arrange for an additional (contract) session of the workshop, please use Infopeople’s online form.

2 thoughts on “Lisa Bartle’s Cascades of Information: Simplifying Web-page Changes

  1. I’d really like to check this class – you make it sound super interesting. Thanks for the write-up!

  2. The first session in San Mateo went terrifically. At the end of class, instead of leaving, people were walking around looking at each other’s work, talking, and full of praise. One student commented, “This is the best Infopeople session I’ve ever had!” I can’t wait for the next session.

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