Eureka!: Andrew Sanderbeck, Leadership, and the Building of Teams

If Infopeople instructor Andrew Sanderbeck’s efforts to plant lots of leadership seeds in California next month work, we should see plenty of library leaders who are adept at building and nurturing teams in the years to come.
Sanderbeck is currently scheduled to lead seven sessions of his “Building Leadership Skills: Leading Teams” workshop in November 2008 as part of Infopeople’s Eureka! Leadership Program series, and “Leading Teams” will remain available as a contract workshop through Infopeople for those who are not able to attend the currently scheduled offerings.
“It’s going to be a very blended training,” Sanderbeck noted during a recent conversation. “I’m going to incorporate video clips and exercises. It’s something where they (participants) are going to be doing hands-on things. I think the one big thing they’re going to walk away with is they’re going to really have the tools to put together their cohesive team.”
The workshop, designed for current as well as prospective leaders, works with team-building basics such as understanding the difference between a work group and a high performance team; methods for team members to effectively communicate and share information; how mission statements and goal-setting become the foundations of highly productive teams, and how cultures of collaboration lead to successes for teams in the library workplace.
It also serves as a laboratory for the concepts Sanderbeck hopes to convey to participants: “I run a very casual class environment. We’re going to learn from each other. It’s definitely a collaborative environment. I think they (participants) need this place to practice it…to get comfortable in front of the people we see every day,” he explained.
Those interested in learning more about Sanderbeck’s work will find a blog, the “Friday News Minute!” e-newsletter–formerly the “Library~Connect” newsletter—and other resources on the website of the organization he helped co-found, The People~Connect Institute. To enroll in “Leading Teams,” please visit Infopeople’s online registration site at
N.B.: Registration for latest offerings of other Eureka! workshops is continuing on the Infopeople website under the heading “Building Leadership Skills,” and a series discount is available. Instructors include Steve Albrecht; Stacey Aldrich; Joan Frye Williams and George Needham; Gail Griffith; Suzanne Merritt; Marie Radford; Paula Singer; and Pat Wagner.